Monday, May 20, 2013


Hey Family!!!!! 

Thank you SOO much for your emails and thank you for the package you sent me!!! So guess what?? I'm being transferred! I am going to Mohomet? Illinois and training a new sister there!!! From what I hear it is like half country half city but I am really excited!! I am really sad to leave the ward here though - it's seriously amazing. Everyone knew I was leaving at church yesterday and they were all really nice and like talked to me for like ever and stopped me in the hall and gave me hugs. So on Monday, we had P day and we went to the botanical gardens again! Everything was in bloom and the weather was perfect and it was so beautiful! I will send you some pictures. 

Tuesday we had service and then we went to visit a less active, Barbara, in our ward. She is from Zimbabwe and her mother in law from Zimbabwe was visiting her. Her mother in law doesn't speak any English but she just loved the fact that we were church people and she was the cutest ever. We shared a scripture with Barbara and her mother in law wanted to look it up in her bible later so she wrote it down on a piece of paper and then wanted Barbara to translate everything we were saying.  Then, she asked us to sing! And we were like... I don't think you want to hear us sing... and the she just started singing like a song from her country and it was the cutest thing ever! And then we sang I am a Child of God and she loved it! Ahh she made me want to go visit another country just because of the people.  She was so humble and just happy!!! Anyway, when it was time to leave she gave all of us a hug and the walked us to our car and waved to us until we were out of sight haha she was so adorable.Wednesday we had district meeting and I know I know I'm sorry I'm really disobedient, but our zone leaders REALLY wanted to get tazed and so... I let them.  I didn't do it  though haha.  But you should probably know it does not do much! It was charged and everything and like if you held it there for a long time it would hurt apparently but they just did it for like a couple seconds and they said it was just like touching an electric fence and it wasn't even that bad.  So then basically all the elders did it to each other just to say they had been tazed and it was really anti climatic.  They said pepper spray is worse.  So anyway, then we all went to lunch and we were talking about how our chats with our families were on Mothers Day and I don't even know why he told me this but Elder Nelson was like, "When I finally got to talk to my mom, she was like, Okay, 2 questions, who's the blonde girl standing next to you in your picture and when are you getting married?" It was kinda awkward haha but I think it's really funny at the same time.  The rest of the day we tracted and tried visiting potentials and we had like ZERO luck.  It's so discouraging when you stay busy like all day and you have no success at the end of the day but it's whatever!     

Then, we had a lesson with Gracie and we are starting to do personal progress with her! We did an experience from Divine Nature with her and the yw president comes with us with another beehive and she's adjusting to the young women really well and has a lot of fun with them! She was really talkative during the lesson and we watched this video that was on about how these girls started doing personal progress and it brought their families back into the church and it was perfect for Gracie! Because her mom doesn't come and I think by Gracie getting baptized and being involved with church, it might be a really good thing for her mom.  But it was really cool! Now we just need to get a for sure date for her to get baptized!