Monday, September 23, 2013

"I love you more than all the soybeans in Mexico Missouri!!!"

Hey Family!!!!
     Thanks so much for your emails - I love hearing from you!! I still can't believe you were IN MISSOURI.  Crazy!!! And guess what??? Macon is in my zone too.  This week has been pretty great!!! GUESS WHAT THOUGH???? I'm getting transferred:( I'm like happy and sad haha.  First of all, we knew transfer calls were coming this last week but usually you train someone for 12 weeks so we just figured we would both be staying and didn't even second guess not staying together right? Well we were wrong.  I'm going to Highland Illinois and I'm going to be a sister trainer leader!!! I am SOOO excited!!!!!!!! I think that will be so cool!!!!! Except I'm really going to miss Sister Webb.  I like her a lot!! We have so much fun together.  I really was so sad though just cause I wasn't even thinking I would get transferred.  BUT I really am so excited to be an STL - I think that is so cool and my companion is Sister Woodward - she was in my district in the MTC!!!!
     Anyway, on to my week! Monday was pretty great - I mean it's pday so ya.  GUESS WHAT THOUGH??? Remember Mama from Mahomet? As in like Biscuit and Mama? She got baptized!!!!!!! How cool is that!!!!
     Tuesday was not so great.  We had a lesson with Annette and her baptism is still on hold until she can find someone to live with that's a female and then we had service at the senior center.  I got a card from Dad that day and it made me so happy!! It's fun getting letters that are hand written every once in a while. 
     Wednesday we visited some less active members and had a lesson with Sarah and Tobias. 
     Thursday we went and visited a media referral that was really far away but he became a new investigator!! He's an older guy named Charles and really receptive.  Then we visited a referral we got from a ward member and it was so funny.  It was an older couple and I think I have told you that older men say like unexpected things sometimes but they get away with it cause they're old haha.  His name was John and was like "After your mission, will you be going into acting?" and I was like "no... why?" and he was like "Well, because you have a tremendous figure and I can see you doing something like that."  They weren't interested but it's nice to talk to people that are pleasant and fun.  That night, we had dinner with Bro. Chapman and I just love him!!!  He asked if we wanted apple juice and we were like "no thank you!" so he brought us over some apple juice and was like "here, it will wash your steak down" and then he's like would you like a cookie? and we were like, "that's okay - thanks though", so he brings over a plate of cookies and is like "here it will wash your apple juice down".  He's just so old and hilarious. 
     Friday we had a SUPER AWESOME lesson with Carolyn!!! It went so well and she is so prepared!!!! Like for real.  So our lesson was on the plan of salvation and first of all her brother-in- law, Dave, who is staying with them cause he has cancer, sat in on the lesson, and then her husband came home and listened too!! So that was good.  And then after the lesson, Sis. Webb was talking to Dave and I was talking to Carolyn and Carolyn started talking about how familiar and true this sounds to her and how she believes it without a doubt.  So I asked her about baptism and she said she would but she just wants to learn more about what we believe and what's expected of her if she joins the church.  She also said that this is something Dave really needs.  Dave told Sis. Webb that he has a good feeling in him when he talks to us and that we are welcome to come back!! It was so cool!!!
     Saturday we had a lesson with Robin on tithing and fast offerings and it went really well.  I was nervous cause I thought it would be something she wouldn't like cause she's already really short on money but right away she went off on how she's really been wanting to give her tithing and help God's kingdom grow so that was good! We also visited some less actives that day and transfer calls were Saturday. 
     Yesterday we had church and I played the piano for primary which was fun.  We just pretty much visited members and I started packing - I hate packing!!! Also, I have some stuff I need to send home. 
     So ya! That was pretty much my week!! Transfer meeting is on Wednesday so don't send anything to Mexico anymore!! This last week I have been reading in Alma and it's so good.  I like how there are so many stories.  This morning I just read about how the Nephites and Lamanites are fighting and then at one point, one of captain moroni's soldiers scalps Zarahemna and then picks his scalp up with his sword and like shows everyone and I just can't imagine how gross that would be!!! But I really like Alma a lot.  It's been so great serving in Mexico and I think out of our investigators I'm most sad to leave Carolyn just because she is so sweet and prepared.  It's cool to know that I played a part in Mama's learning process too to get baptized!!!
     Anyway, I hope you all have a really great week. I miss you all SOOOOOO much and I love you more than all the soybeans in Mexcio Missouri!!!!!!!!! (The air always smells like soybeans haha).  I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read this --> Alma 44:12-14
"I whip my hair back and forth I whip my hair back and forth"
This was mine and Sister Webb's companion study this morning.