Monday, June 9, 2014

Mini missionary

Hey Family!!!!!!!!!
     Thanks so much for your emails - I love hearing from you! This last week we had our mini missionary with us until Friday (she asked if she could extend!!) and it was sooo funn!!!! We didn't realize it when she asked to extend, but it had to go through the stake president and our mission president but she got to! Like for real we were so sad for her to leave.  It was like having a little sister around with us all the time that was hilarious.  You wouldn't think it at first but she pretty much made us laugh all the time.  She might come to a few lessons with us towards the end of the transfer again too.  Anyway, I guess I will tell you about my week!
     So on Monday, like I mentioned, I went to a laundry mat for the first time! Fenton Coin Laundry to be exact. It was different than what I expected.  I pictured it like they are in music videos but it wasn't.  They are like a genius idea though!! Like you can do allll your loads at once and it's way faster! Anyway, that night we found a new investigator that lives in the same apartment complex as Jake and then had a lesson with Josh too.
     Tuesday I'm pretty sure I did something totally not socially acceptable!! So. Remember that lady, Laura Newsom from the parade magazine you told me about that lives in Fenton? Well. I looked her up in the phone book! Her name actually wasn't there but there was a Newsom so I wrote the address down and we went there and we got there and her husband answered and this is pretty much how it went.  We went to her house and her husband answered and she was napping but he said we could come by in like 20 minutes and so we did and she answered and I told her how I heard about her and then she's like "How did you find my house?" and I was like "Ummm.. well... the phone book." (creepy right??).  Anyway, she's Catholic and not interested and not at all what I expected but I met her! She actually lives right next door to a member that literally just moved in.  
     Wednesday we had a zone meeting and we were asked to give a training on prayer and Gretchen even helped us out for part of it! For part of it, we watched the mormon message "Wrong Roads" and it's so good! Here it is too:  That night we had a lesson with Karen and her daughter Sam came too and she wants to learn as well! Then we had a lesson with Jake and they Sylvesters came with us and they were perfect and the lesson went well.  Bro. Sylvester and his wife are literally the human version of Gaston and Belle.  Both Jake and Bro. Sylvester like to hunt so they talked about that for a while.  Jake wants to get baptized!! We asked him about July 5th and he said he would pray about it.  He said he notices a difference in his life when he reads and prays and things like that.  He also came to church yesterday and we are seeing him on Wednesday!
     Friday, Gretchen left which was sad but we had a fun time with her.  The three of us would play would you rather a ton and it was really entertaining.  One time while we were tracting, one of them was like "would you rather have your skin be an obnoxious orange or green?" and gretchen was like "I would be green because then I could tell people I was an alien" and like literally right after that, we went up the next walking path thing to the door and the house had a statue of an alien and the timing was perfect so it was pretty funny.  I will send you a picture to go along with it.  That's Gretchen and I!
     Saturday we were talking to this lady Tiffany, who is one of our new investigators and she goes to this really common non denomination church here called Faith and she said she didn't like the direction it was going because she said it's so "showy" when they should be focusing on the word - not the dramatic effects.  It's so true!! That always bothers me so much because people want to go to church to be entertained and they mistake feeling the spirit with being excited and dramatic effects and it's not the same.  Anyway, it was nice to hear that from someone else besides members of the church.  We also had a lesson with Jia and she did pray! However, I don't think she did every night.  She said she enjoyed praying and she felt the spirit and she understands everything but she just can't make that big of a leap of faith.  She said that she has made the leap of learning about it but she doesn't have the spring board to believe it.  She was really sincere and so sweet and told us how much we really did teach her and how much it means to her but she just can't do it right now.  We will definitely keep her in our visits every once in a while though.  I think later in life she might change.  
     This week I also got my flight info in the mail... that was weird.  But we found 4 new investigators which was exciting! This transfer we are reading Matthew Mark Luke and John as a mission in our companionships and I'm excited cause I've never read them before! Also, these last couple days I have been reading the priesthood talks from conference and they are so good.  Probably some of my favorites!!! 
     Anyway, I think that's about it!!! I hope you all have a super fabulous day and week!!!! Please be super safe and smart and healthy and don't do anything dumb and please drive safely wherever you go and don't text and drive or be distracted or drive when it's not safe or be distracted or anything like that and make sure no one else does either!!!!!! I MISS YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH AND I LOVE YOU BUNCHES AND BUNCHES AND BUNCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Family!!!!!!!!
     Thanks so much for your emails!! I love hearing from you.  We had transfers this week so now I'm with Sister Felt and she's a great missionary.  She goes home the transfer after me! She's from Lincoln,California.  We also got a mini missionary on Friday night and she is so great.  Like I love having her with us!! Basically, what a mini missionary is, is a priest or laurel aged member spends a week with us and lives with us and does everything we do with us to see what being a missionary is like! Her name is Gretchen, she's 16, and she's hilarious.  She's supposed to go home on Tuesday but we are going to see if she can stay longer because we love having her around!! Like at first you would think she's really strange and awkward and quiet but no... she's a genius and hilarious and she isn't afraid to contribute in lessons and it's so great! A couple nights ago, Sister Felt made these amazing cookies and Gretchen was like "if these cookies were a person, they would be Jesus." We couldn't stop laughing.  Anyway, I think mini missions are the best idea!! Do they even do them in Utah?      
     Last Monday, we went to the Holocaust museum and it was interesting and so sad but I like learning about it.  Then we drove through this place called Lone Elk Park and it's like a park with supposedly a ton of animals like elk, deer, buffalo, bison, and other things but all we saw were a few bison.. 
     Wednesday we had transfer meeting and then that night we had a lesson with Jake and we watched the Restoration DVD and he wants to know if it's true so he said he would pray about it and he said he would like to get baptized also so we are possibly going to set a baptism date with him this wednesday! He said that he feels like he needs some religion in his life and he believes that we are helping him because the night before he wanted to drink but he decided not to.  Cool huh?? 
     Thursday we had a lesson with Audre at the temple and it was really cool.  She LOVES the temple and we challenged her to find a quiet spot on the temple grounds after we left and say a prayer and she even told us that she is going to ask her parents when they get home from vacation if she can get baptized before she's 18.  HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE???? We hope they say yes.       
     Friday we had MLC and it was my last MLC so that was kinda weird.  I gave my "departing testimony" and of course as soon as I stood up I literally forgot everything I wanted to say.  It's so weird to think about though because that was the last time I will see a lot of the Elders and other missionaries! 
     Saturday night we had a lesson with Jia and it was amazing!! We have talked with her over and over about prayer and she still hasn't done it and after we watched this movie called Finding faith in Christ, we talked about prayer again and I told her that if she prayed every single day for a week, she would feel God's love for her and have faith in Jesus Christ.  She laughed and was like "are you making a bet?" But I told her that I had faith that if she did that I know she would have faith as well and she was like "Wow, I'm really going to do that".  She said she liked our confidence we had in the fact that that would happen.  I have never done anything like that before and it was kinda scary! So anyway, we are going back Saturday and we will see how it goes!
     Yesterday we had church and Audre came! Today I will be going to a laundry mat for the first time ever... the members house we usually do laundry at is gone for 6 weeks soooo we are going to a laundry mat! 
     Anyway, I think that's about it!! I hope you all have a super fabulous day and week!!!!! I MISS YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH AND I LOVE YOU BUNCHES AND BUNCHES AND BUNCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!