Monday, April 15, 2013

New Companion!

President Clark gave an analogy of how serving a mission is like being in the bathtub. When you pull the plug at first you don't really notice a difference in the water level but then all of a sudden your knees are cold and then before you know it, it's spinning down the drain super fast and he said that's how missions are! Right now we feel like we have sooo long to go and like we are going to be here for forever but before we know it, it will be over! I thought it was pretty good.  After transfer meeting we went grocery shopping and had lunch and then went to the apartment to unpack Sister Nelsons things and get settled in.  Nesting days are GREAT!!! So long story short, Sister Johnson's new companion is Sister Durfee and they stayed with us until Friday.   Wednesday night we went to the library to print off some things for the next couple days and it was raining super hard when we were leaving and then when we got there, the tornado warning went off!! The librarians had everyone go into the auditorium until the tornado warning was done! haha and then we were leaving and we got to the car and it went off AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! But we really needed to get back so we just left while the sirens were going off (I know it was way dumb... sorry!!) but we returned safely and the tornado was like 45 minutes away from where we live so we were safe! The funny thing was that earlier that day I asked Sister Nelson if she had ever seen a tornado or anything and she was like "No" and I was like "Ya, me either" and then that night the tornado warning went off!!! CARAZYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     Okay so Thursday and Friday we taught at Christian Brothers College High School. That's why Sister Johnson stayed is because we had planned for this for like a whole week and we felt bad just throwing our new companions in and have them teach a class.  It was really cool though! So all together we taught 6 classes and half of them were a World's Religion class and the other half was a Genocide class.  So for the World's Religion classes we taught the Plan of Salvation and for the Genocide class we talked about the Saints trek to Salt Lake from Ohio.  I really liked teaching it! It was also cool to teach about the Saints trek to Salt Lake because I've been to like all the places along the way for family vacations but back then I didn't really understand but now I do. The boys in the classes had so many questions about our religion.  They asked about our daily schedule as missionaries, they asked about what happens if we break the Word of Wisdom, what we think about the ‘Book of Mormon’ play, and like ALLLL the weird things people hear about Mormons.  But it was a really cool/different way to be able to teach what we typically teach as missionaries and bear our testimonies also throughout the lessons.  It's so interesting though, the teacher LOVES Mormons.  He goes to church sites for his summer vacations and he loves reading about them and learning about the doctrine and he believes it all too! He told us so many times that he knows what we are teaching is true and he even comes to our church occasionally. We don't understand why he doesn't want to be Mormon!!!!! Hahaha it's so confusing to us!! He was so nice to us and wants us to come back and teach all the lessons to his classes if it's okay with President Clark. 
     Thursday we also had a lesson with Gracie and taught her the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity.  She understands everything really well.  Her baptism date is for May 4 because her mom wants her whole family to be involved and we figure by then, everyone has far enough notice in advance to come and be involved with it also.  But Grace is really excited!! And so am I!!!!!
     Saturday we started the day off by going to the Relief Society Womens Conference.  It was themed "Fit for the Kingdom" I really liked it! 
I learned a lot!
     After that, we had a lesson with Robert and talked about the  commandments.  He understood them all and had a lot of insight on all of them which was really cool! I wish some people would just like take a little more effort into realizing how much the gospel will help them!  Yesterday Robert and Gracie came to church. It was so awesome!!!!!!!!
    It is seriously so different being the trainer now.  That's my week and I hope you all have a really awesome week!!!!!! I love you and miss you all so much and you are always in my prayers!!!!!!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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