Monday, November 4, 2013

Mexico, Paris, nbd

Hey Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     Thanks so much for your emails - I loved reading them and hearing about your weeks.  They mean a lot to me!! I have been out for 10 months now - crazy right?? I think I say this every time but like it feels like it's gone by quickly. 
     So Monday was pday and so we just did regular pday stuff and then drove to Paris for our exchanges.  Yep, I pretty much get to travel the world on my mission! Mexico, Paris, nbd. The sisters that are serving in Paris live in like the cutest house!! It just feels really home-y and I like it!
     Tuesday we spent the day in Paris and I was with Sister Limas and Sister Woodward was with Sister Fernandez.  We helped a member paint her trailer and then like tracted and visited people.  There's these weird bugs that look just like lady bugs here but they ARE NOT ladybugs! I guess they like are actually kinda pests and like eat away at things and smell super nasty when you kill them.  Anyway, they were all over the trailer we were painting. 
     Wednesday we were in Covington, Indiana for exchanges with Sister Scott and Sister Bailey.  I was with Sister Scott and I like her a lot!! We are the same age and she went to BYU the summer semester before I got there and so she knows like a ton of the same people and knows Morgan and stuff.  While we were driving - Sister Scott ran over a squirrel!!! It was so sad!!
     Thursday was Halloween!!! We had a lesson with Alannah and watched The Testaments with her. She said she felt the spirit while we watched The Testaments and she loves the Book of Mormon and stuff but it's like she doesn't understand the importance of baptism or something and how knowing the Book of Mormon is true is kind of a direct meaning that the church is true.  If you happen to know any good conference talks on that let me know!!! She connects really well with conference talks and so that might be helpful.  But to be honest I think right now, she might be more committed to us then she is to the church.  She always tells us how we should be up directing the meetings and teaching - not the Bishop... and she's like completely serious.  She's really confusing to talk to!! Anyway... Halloween in Highland got rescheduled to the next day because of the weather.  The weather wasn't even that bad - it rained a little but like I'm pretty sure I went trick or treating in the snow more than once!! Sheesh! We didn't really do anything for Halloween though.  We just ate at a members house and then we had to be in by 6 and it was nice to just sit and relax. 
     Friday morning we visited a member of our ward and she gave us a referral of this guy who helped build one of the temples but isn't a member.  Also, she got this brand new kitty and guess what it's name is?? MADELINE!! It's adorable.  We contacted ANOTHER media referral we got but she wasn't interested.  Her cousin had referred her I guess.  She was really sweet but just wasn't interested.  We were supposed to have a lesson with Matt and Annette that night, but I guess Annette was in the hospital for some pain from an accident she had a while ago and so they had to cancel. 
     Saturday we finished making some invitations to an open house that all the recent converts are invited to at the Bishops house.  Then, we had lunch with Sister Westfall (Matt Westfalls wife) and then since Matt got off work, we went to have a lesson with him but it didn't turn out as planned. Then, we had a lesson with the Clarks!! I love teaching them!!!! It's really cool just cause their whole family sits in on the lessons and they all give their input on what we talk about.  Here's their family:  
Mom: Suzi - member
Dad: Jim - not a member
Quinn: 16 - not a member
Jakob: 12 - member
Des: 10 I think? - member
I think it helps Quinn a lot when Jakob and Des talk about what they think about things which is really cool.  Anyway, we taught about faith and repentance and for repentance we had Quinn stand up and stick her arm straight out and we put 6 Book of Mormons on her hand and she had to hold them up.  Her arm got tired really fast and then we took one Book of Mormon off at a time and each one represented a step of repentance.  They really liked it!! All 3 of them wanted to take a turn so they did and then they had all 6 steps down! It was fun - I like teaching them a lot.  It's also really interesting to me cause Jim helps us teach every time!! Saturday night was transfer calls!!!! GUESS WHAT?????? Okay so I'm staying here in Highland and guess who my companion is???!!!!!!! SISTER JOHNSON - the one that trained me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!! Sister Woodward and her are switching places. 
     Yesterday we had church and Steve got the priesthood!!!! We got to sit in on the blessing and it was so cool! I've never seen that before and so that was awesome.  When he was walking back to his seat, he looked at Sister Woodward and I and gave us 2 thumbs up. haha! It was pretty funny. 
     Anyway, that was pretty much my week!!! Thanks so much again for your emails - I love them!!!!!!! I hope you all have a super fabulous week!!!!! Be safe and smart and healthy and don't do anything dumb and drive safely please!!!!!!! I miss you all like CARAZYYYYYYY and I LOVE YOU BUNCHES AND BUNCHES AND BUNCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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