Monday, March 11, 2013

Count Your Many Blessings

Hey Family!!!!!
     How is everyone??? I loved reading your emails - I probably look like the biggest nerd when I get to the library because I feel like I walk so fast over to the computers and log in as fast as I can so that I can start reading your emails.  Oh well!!! Haha it was great to read about your weeks and everything that's going on with you guys - there's some crazy stuff coming up at home! I can't believe Alyssa is getting married so soon - CARAZZYYY!!! My week was GREAT.  We got 3 new investigators - it's so exciting!!!
     So last Monday for P day we went to lunch and then we decided to go to the History Museum, When we got there it was closing in 10 minutes which was a bummer but we ran through it really fast and we are definitely going to go back.  There's some really cool stuff there!! There's this one room that is about black history basically and there's this thing where it asks black people different questions and some were like, "Do you feel awkward eating watermelon and fried chicken in front of white people?" "Why do you walk like a thug?" And some others, there were like 100 questions but we only clicked on a couple but then it had like 5 different black people that answer the questions and it's actually really interesting and super funny!
     On Tuesday we had service which is always fun.  We also had a lesson with Robert! It went so well! We focused on the second lesson which is faith, repentance, baptism, and enduring to the end.  It's so cool to teach him because you can tell it's important to him and he says like over and over how excited he is to make changes in his life.  It's so fun teaching Robert because it makes it exciting to be a missionary! We also asked him more about himself because we didn't really know a ton about him and he told us some stuff about like his past and what not.  On Friday he called us and talked to us on the phone for like 45 minutes just about how he hopes we know that he is really sincerely trying to change and he is so excited to be baptized.  It was pretty cool! Then we had a lesson on Saturday with him and when he got there, his cousin, Ronnie was there and we asked if we could teach him. He said he already had a Book of Mormon but that he just hasn't had time to read it.  So, we talked about it a little bit and he promised he would read a little bit of it this week!
     On Wednesday we had district meeting and we were all asked to prepare a 2 minute talk on charity to share with everyone.  So I had like something really good to share and I was kinda excited to share it but then we ran out of time and no one got to share theirs.  BUT, Elder Christensen, our district leader, was like, I want you to apply what you taught to your own life and take what you were going to share with everyone and apply it to your life now.  I had never really thought of that before! Like it was so easy for me to prepare what I was going to say but sadly, I never even thought about applying it to my own life and working on being more charitable! So I guess practice what you preach applies here??
     On Thursday, we got a new investigator!!!! Remember Jade? Her dog ran up to us?? Ya it is her! We went to her apartment and talked to her and got to know her and it went so well. 
     Haha so we have this CD that we LOVE and listen to it all the time.  It's the Lower Lights you should definitely look them up.  It's like a ton of LDS singers that are all together in a singing group and they remake hymns and other like baptist songs and it is so good! Anyway, there's this one on it and it's a remake of Count Your Many Blessings and Sister Johnson and Sister Wilcox hate it but I love it!
     On Saturday we had a lesson with Majeed!!! The one we helped out of the snow like a week ago! We met him at Starbucks and had a really good conversation.  He is Muslim and we have ordered him a Book of Mormon in Arabic! Anyway, he wants to learn more so we are meeting with him again soon!
     I think I told you about Pam? We met her in Target and her mom was in the hospital? I don't remember if I did... but anyway, she was on my mind all week and yesterday I finally called her and she was watching a thing on the Bible on the History Channel when I called her and she said she had been waiting for us to call her! I asked about her Mom and stuff and she was so glad that we had called.  She said she was going to call us back today so hopefully she does! 
     Anyway, this week was really exciting!!! It has been super rainy this week and on Saturday it got really warm.  It was like 60 degrees and it felt so nice not to have to wear a coat!! Tomorrow we have the exchange sisters coming... that means there are going to be 6 of us in a 1 bedroom apartment. 
     Sister Wilcox is still really really quiet during lessons and doesn't introduce herself to anyone ever and is really shy, so that's been a little hard, but when it's just the 3 of us together she is fun to be with and I learn a lot from her. 
     GUESS WHAT!!!!??????!!! As of tomorrow, I get to talk to you guys in exactly 2 months!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!!!! Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW DAD!!!!!!
     Oh also, I think it's impossible for me to say "baptized" without sounding like the guy off Nacho Libre.  I have to think about it really hard or else it comes out like baptiized.  Haha hopefully it's not too noticeable! Anyway, on Tuesday we have zone conference and this LDS piano guy, something Miner and his wife are in charge of it.  He is doing like a musical zone conference and guess who's playing it it??? Yep, ME! Haha I'm just playing How Great Thou Art again but I'm kinda excited!
     Welp, that's pretty much my week! It probably doesn't sound like it, but it was a really really great week!!! We had more lessons and more investigators then we have probably combined the last 3 weeks!!! Anyway, I hope you all have a really great day, I have been so terrible at taking pictures this last week so I will try to do better so I can send you some!! I love you all so much and I hope you all have an awesome day and week!!!! I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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