Monday, March 25, 2013

The ghetto DVD player

Hello Family!!!!!!!!
     How is everyone?? I loved reading your emails - it was so good to hear from you! So basically this would happen while I was here.  So last time it snowed a ton (remember me telling you about that? We lost our phone?) that was the most snow St. Louis had seen in years.  Then, yesterday, it snowed EVEN MORE!!!!!!! Like it basically snowed all day long and President Clark said that is the most snow he has seen here in the 3 years he has been here - CARAZYYY!!!! Church was cancelled yesterday and we weren't allowed to drive yesterday because of the roads.  So you could say I'm pretty jealous of you guys right now... in Costa Rica and all... it's probably super warm! 
     Anyway, my week was pretty great! Last Monday for P day we went to this super cute little restaurant called Companion and it's just a little cafe that is super cute! We really liked it.  Then, we went to the Del Mar Loop with Elder Christensen and Elder Nelson.  I'm kinda bored of the Del Mar loop cause we do it like every week and it's really not that interesting after one time.  But today we are planning on going to the Botanical Gardens! There's an orchid show going on right now so I think it sounds cool. 
     On Wednesday for District meeting we talked about being bold.  So just for practice, our district leader did an activity where we all took turns preaching on a "soap box".  It was fun! It turned into more of just a joke and it wasn't really that serious but it was pretty intimidating.  It made you really get to the point of what you were wanting to talk about and not adding all the extra information that fills up time. 
      We also went mall tracting this week and I really like doing that.  I feel like it's more effective to be honest.  There are so many more people to talk to and a lot of different types of people.  We got 5 potential investigators from doing that! That's more than we get in a day of tracting so hopefully something comes from it!
     On Thursday we had a lesson with Eugene, Gracie, and Robert.  They all went really well! With Eugene we read Alma 7 and talked about it and related it to him.  It's hard cause he has already been taught all the lessons so now we just have to be pretty forward with him and make sure he isn't just talking to us so that he can use us for service.  Roberts lesson also went really well! We had a member come with us and that was really nice.  We talked about the importance of coming to church and why we go.  We were going to go and just clear up his misconceptions from the documentary but we ended up not doing that and just had a lesson and I'm glad we did that! With Gracie we talked about faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.  She is so smart! We watched a mormon message with her called "Reclaimed" and then asked her questions about what we had taught her to make sure she understood everything and I'm pretty sure she explained it better than we did haha.  We talked about baptism (but we haven't asked her yet cause we still need to ask her mom) and she said she had been to a friends baptism and she wanted to be baptized.  So... that's really good!!!!! We're planning on going over to her house tonight so we can talk to her mom. 
     One night this week we were visiting former investigators and we came across this guy named George.  So we went to his house and he was very nice and let us come in and we talked for a while.  He said he was very happy with his religion (baptist) and I just kept having a feeling that we should show him a mormon message we had with us.  So after he had told us in every single possible nice way that he was happy where he was at, I asked him if I could show him a video and so I pulled out our 7" ghetto DVD player and had him watch a mormom message and he really liked it.  He said that it didn't show very much difference in his and our religion though.  So we explained to him that that is exactly why we wanted to show it to him and that our religions aren't that different but it's the sacred ordinances that are essential to living with God again.  The spirit was so strong there! He said we could come back in a month because his schedule is really busy right now and invite him to church.  He was so nice though! He talked about his family for a while and his children and his wife and you could just tell how much he loved them and he was just so sweet.  He said the closing was one of the times I have felt the spirit the strongest since I've been here. 
     On Saturday we had a dinner at a members home and they had invited their non member neighbors and their 2 little kids.  We made homemade pizzas and played games and just got to know each other and it was really cool! Then, we shared a spiritual thought (of course a mormom message - kinda our go to) and they really liked it.  The husband was asking questions about what a mission is and he thought it was so interesting and then he asked where he could watch more of the mormom messages.  We tried not to be too forward and just let them know we're normal and get to know them so I guess we'll see what happens!
     On Friday we went to the temple with the office sisters (Sister Wayment and Sister Erickson).  I love going to the temple - it's one of my favorite days of the transfer.  It's just so relaxing and you can think and feel the spirit.  I also really like how there are no clocks there and you can just focus on being there!
     Yesterday, church was cancelled and we weren't allowed to drive and we live out of our area so it would take us at least an hour walk just to get to someones house (we would also have to cross the freeway) and so we literally just stayed in our apartment all day - nothing too exciting!
     Well... I think that's about it!
     So anyway, this week was good! Nothing too exciting but still pretty good! We got lots of potential investigators so hopefully they turn into investigators this week!  Good job on your talk dad!! I wish I could have been there to hear it!! Well, I hope you all have a really great week! Be safe on your trip and you better take lots of pictures and tell me allllllllll about it.  You are all in my prayers and I miss you so much.  I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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