Monday, January 27, 2014


Hey Family!!!!
     Thank you so much for your emails - I love hearing from you!! I'm pretty sure I have said this a million times but it is SO COLD here!! The kids here have already had I believe 7 snow days THIS YEAR and like 3 of them have been because it's too cold - there hasn't even been snow.  Crazy right? Yesterday it was in the 50's though and it felt so nice.  Anyway, we had transfer calls on saturday night and I'm leaving to Fenton, Missouri.  I kinda knew I would be leaving I just hoped I would be able to stay with Sister Johnson for her last transfer.  I'm still pretty lucky though that I even got to be with her again! My new companion is Sister Minnyard (not sure how to spell it) and I will still be an stl but just over different sisters! I'm definitely going to miss Highland and the ward and members and investigators here.  Thats for sure a good thing about facebook because hopefully I will be able to find them on there later and reconnect!
     Welp, I guess I will tell you about my week! I already told you about last monday and I may have told you about tuesday but maybe not.. but I will tell you again! So Tuesday we were on exchanges and I was with Sister Lucero and she spent the day with me in Highland.  We were visiting a less active member and I was saying the closing prayer and somewhere in my prayer I said "that we can all have a good rest of the night" and after the prayer she said that made her feel home-y because she used to say that to her kids and she hadn't heard that in a long time! It made me feel good.  Then she went on to tell us that at first she wasn't going to let us come in but then she decided to and she was glad that she did.  After that, we visited a referral that Debbie W. gave us and she was awesome! She was getting home the same time we got there and we introduced ourselves and were like "can we come share a quick message with your family?" and she was like "right now? come on in!" She was so nice and so funny.  She is a single mom and has 2 kids and her son who is 8 was there and we asked if we could drop off a Book of Mormon in a couple days and he was really excited to get one and wanted one of his own! It was so great! That night, we were supposed to have a lesson with Dave and Sister Pruett (RS Pres) was coming with us so we met her at his home and rang the doorbell and were waiting on the porch and then at the same time, Sister Pruett and I both realized that we were at the wrong house! It was hilarious, Sister Pruett ran off the porch and that was probably the highlight of the night was seeing her run off the porch.  She's like in her 60's probably and just super tiny and cute and it was so funny. 
     Wednesday we had a lesson with Steve at the Holbrooks and we talked about prophets.  Sister Holbrook said something I hadn't thought of before and I thought it was pretty cool! She said that the prophet is the prophet over everyone in the world but not everyone has accepted him yet.  I just had never thought of it that way before!
     Thursday was Sister Johnsons and mine anniversary hahaha.  Exactly 1 year ago from thursday we became companions! Anyway, we had a lesson with a less active member, Tiffany.  She's 22 and has 2 kids and has been really sick but she wants to start coming back to church so we talked about how she would have the energy she needed for the week if she came to church on Sunday (and she came with a friend!!).  After that, we had a lesson with Bro. Wood and he's still smoking... BUT he is still working on cutting it down. 
     Friday we had district meeting and since Sister Johnson and I won the competition, we got to throw whipped cream pies at the zone leaders! It was actually kinda satisfying.  That night we had dinner at a members home and they have helped us with a lot of missionary work in the past.  We got on the topic of the holy ghost because I still get confused about the difference between the power and the gift and I feel like I have heard every explanation but it just hasn't clicked and something Bro. Gualandi said made sense!! He said before we are baptized we have the power of the holy ghost but we have to seek for it (I knew that) but after we are baptized we get the gift of the holy ghost and it's our companion so it works with us and seeks out or watches out for us as well and we don't necessarily have to seek for it.  Does that make sense? Idk, just the way he said it made sense to me and I really liked it.
     Saturday we had a lesson with Jim T.  and their family - they are probably my favorite family here! We talked about the 10 commandments and played a game where they were on teams and they had to draw from a jar one of the commandments and explain it to their team without saying any words from the commandment.  Des and Suzi had bought us flowers and sugar cookies at the store that day too - it was so thoughtful! That night was transfer calls and I always get anxious about those!
     Yesterday we had church and 3 of the less active families we have been visiting came to church!!! Tiffany, Sis. Worthen, and Sis. Fletcher.  It was so great! After church we had a lesson with Phyllis and Conrad and we gave them a Book of Mormon and I think at this point Conrad is more open than Phyllis but they said they would start studying it. 
     Anyway, I think that's about it!! OH!!! Before I forget, if you haven't already, watch the Mormon Message called "leave the party".  It is so good!! We watched it last week and we just really really liked it - it's great.  I hope you all have a super fabulous week.  I MISS YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH AND I LOVE YOU BUNCHES AND BUNCHES AND BUNCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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