Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fire Alarms and 4 Square

Tuesday, January 15

     How is everyone? What's new? I'm sorry if I haven't written you a letter back yet, I'm only supposed to on my P day which is today (Tuesday) so I will be working on those today! If anyone happens to be at the Provo Temple at 10 you just might happen to see me... So GUESS WHAT. This morning, the fire alarm went of AGAIN. At 12:15. (We checked the time before we left this time).  But there's a story that goes along with this one too.  So, the girls in my dorm room are really good at going to bed on time.  We always have the lights off at 10:30 every night.  But last night, we just kept talking and talking and laughing and just having great bonding time so the lights didn't go out until 11:30.  So then, the fire alarm goes off not too much longer after at 12:15 and my companion (Sister Patchett) was like "Is that the fire alarm?" and I was like "No it's fine we don't need to get up it's not real." Ya... don't ask me questions when I'm half asleep.  And then after about a minute of the alarm going off I realized that other girls were leaving their rooms and running down the hall and I was like Oh actually I think we should get up.  So all six of us girls were rushing for our coats and shoes and everything and were directed to go to the gym again but this time we knew exactly what to do.  So we grabbed a yoga mat from the closet and went up to the track where it's super warm and fell asleep.  We got to go back like a half hour later but it was just another pipe that burst.  Moral of the story... don't ask me important questions when I'm barely awake.
     So, on Sunday we had a fireside by Michael Hemingsway or something like that.  He is over all the media and computer stuff of the MTC and the church also I think? Anyway, so he starts out his talk by telling who Joseph Smith converted to the church and then who those people converted to the church and who those people converted to the church and so on and the stories of their conversions along the way.  So as he was doing this, a chart of their names showed up on the projector screen so in the end it was like a big family tree looking thing with Joseph Smith in the middle and then lines leading to who converted who.  Then, after that he highlited 4 lines from probably 50-60 lines or converted people on the chart and those 4 lines were people who were converted from basically door to door contacting and all the others were converted from people they knew and giving references.  So the whole point of it was to not only talk about how not really successful door to door is but how helpful our social connections are not only in person but online as well.  Apparently a lot of people convert to the church online.  But it was really cool to see the chart and just the message that went along with it! Also, he said he's working on letting missionaries have facebook on their missions - pretty cool huh!
     So I don't know if I told you but I play 4 square a lot during gym time.  It is seriously so fun!  The line gets so long it almost wraps around the four square but it's fun because we got almost our whole district to play with us.  I'm seriously so grateful for my district. We are all super close and we have so much fun.  We will walk past other districts and either the girls don't even talk to the boys or  they are all super serious.  Anyway, I dominate at 4 square here too just like I did at home. 
     Every day during the week we have "investigators".  People actually come to the MTC and either get paid or volunteer to be an investigator but some people that do it are really non members - but most of them are members.  I like it way better than pretending our teacher is an investigator.  Anyway, so Sister Patchett and I teach really well together and we are good at planning lessons that are simple but still teach doctrine and if we need to go off that subject and talk about something else it still works.  A couple days ago we had this lady come in.  She was probably 80.  We started our lesson and she was super nice and was listening to everything.  She kept telling us about her Swedish Baptist church she would go to a few years ago and was really interested in what we had to say.  So we figured she was a member when we went in but after our lesson was going for a while we really think she was a non member.  Like really.  Just the questions she asked were a lot different then the ones that are already members who are just pretending to not be members and she had no garment lines and she was wearing a cross.  Anyway, we like to think she was a non member and that she really like what we had to say but I guess we will never know!
     Tonight we have a devotional and we heard a guy in line at dinner that was old (so we figured he knew what he was talking about) say that it's going to be one of the members of the 12 tonight! So we're getting there like an hour early so we can have good seats.  I'm trying out to play the piano at a fireside or devotional on Thursday so we'll see how that goes!
       I can't believe I only have 1 week left here! I'm so sad to leave but I'm so excited to go to Missouri!!
I miss you and can't wait to hear from you again soon!!!! HAVE A SUPER GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

"Roughing it" during the fire alarm


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