Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 8 (the first email!!)

Taylor's first email home!! As always, so entertaining . . . 
     I have a ton of stuff to say and only a half hour to do it and so I'm just going to give you a lot of the details here so that I don't have to write a different letter to everyone saying the same stuff.  Anyway! I just finished doing laundry!! And, yes I'm typing as fast as I can so sorry about my grammar Mom!! I think a lot of it is my district - it's seriously the best.  
     Actually, this morning at 4:00, the fire alarm went off in the girls dorms.  So we all got out super fast and they told us to go to the gym.  The clock in the gym said 5:00 and since we didn't look at the clock before we left our room, we figured it was 5:00.  We had to wait in there for about and hour and 15 minutes because apparently a pipe burst and caused the alarm to go off.  So we thought it was 6:15 when we got back to our room so we were trying to get ready super fast because we had to be ready by 7.  About 15 minutes passed and my companion came in our room from the bathroom and was like, have you guys looked at the time? And we looked at it was still only 5:30!! We thought it was weird that none of the other girls were getting ready... but thats why!! So anyway, we told the elders a whole different story and that there was a fire and that Sister Patchett hit her head and passed out and we had to carry her down the stairs and there was smoke everywhere and THEY BELIEVED US!!!! But then we were going to the temple and we felt bad about lying so we told them the truth.
       We had an "investigator" (they get paid  to come in and have us teach them) come in and it was our very first one besides pretending to teach our teachers and it went really well!! We didn't go with out lesson plan at all and basically went straight to talking about the Book of Mormon instead of teaching everything before it first but it went so smoothly and really well!!  I'm really glad I'm one of the first groups of 19 year olds to come to the MTC! We get recognized in like every devotional and fireside and it's just kinda cool that when people ask you if you're 19 that they think it's really cool as well.  
      Brother Heaton gave a devotional on fast Sunday about teaching with charity and love and it was so good! If anything, one of the most important things about teaching is really about making them feel comfortable and that you care about them. 

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