Monday, January 21, 2013

Last Week at the MTC!

Hey family!!

Alright, so GUESS WHAT. I tried out to play the piano right? AND I PLAYED AT THE FIRESIDE LAST NIGHT!!!! Ya.. that's like in front of 3000 people... it's whatever.. Haha but I was surprisingly not that nervous and I think it went pretty well!The freaky thing is they have cameras that get different angles of you throughout the whole performance and they like zoom in and then you're projected on 3 giant screens throughout the gym.  But it was pretty cool - I'm glad I did it! Also, yesterday for Relief Society, Sister Wixom came and talked to us! She was so cute! Shes like the primary general president and she would talk a little and then she would put primary songs throughout it and we all sang together! It was really good. She talked about how even though we are missionaries it's important to laugh too! And she also talked about how the Lord will be with you throughout your mission.  Also, last Sunday or Tuesday I forgot.. but Elder Holland came!!!!! You know how people say like when the prophet walks into the room at conference they just feel the spirit so strong and stuff? Well, I've never felt that ever before and I didn't really think it was possible - but it is! Seriously like we were singing a song and he walked in and everyone stood up and I almost started crying I felt the spirit so strong.  He talked about how it's the greatest time to be alive and to be a missionary, and that we have to convert at least one person on our mission and it has to be us.  He also talked a lot about converting yourself and how important it is.  It was so good! Oh also, he dedicated 3 buildings at the MTC and blessed that no weapon, terrorist, evil, bombs, and listed a ton of other stuff like that will never fall upon or enter the MTC EVER.  That's a big promise and it was so cool!
     Also, you will never guess what happened.  Ya... the fire alarm went off again... that's 3 TIMES.  Except this time it wasn't in our residence, it was in the main building but still... we're seriously pros at these things.  We also got a new MTC president and I've never actually met him but I really like him .  But he's like super funny and has just a really kind personality I guess.  Like he had everyone from all the missions stand up at our departing devotional yesterday and sometimes it would be just 1 boy and 1 girl that were going to the same mission and he was like oh careful don't hook up down there.  Idk it was just so funny cause you would never expect him to say it! And then he also said whatever during his talk, like he had the senior missionaries stand up (by the way, mom and dad, you should totally go on a mission ), and was asking them where they were going and he said it wrong and was like oh well whatever.  Like he had attitude in his voice and it was way funny!
     I got to be a host for the new missionaries on Wednesday and it was really fun! I hosted 2 girls, and one of them was Shauntel Forte from high school!! It was so fun! Also, there's a tie that Jake Peterson started that is passed around the MTC and if you went to Alta and are on a mission you sign it so I was the first sister to sign it!
     Every night in our room, we have "Talent in the Shadows". It's the best thing ever - we started it ourselves.  So, since some things are too embarrassing to do when the lights are on we do them once we have gotten ready for bed.  So what we do is everyone has a talent they share every night - it's usually singing, or dancing, or making weird noises with your mouth, or weird voices, and all the above.  I know, we sound super nerdy - but it's so fun!!! Haha one girl in our room, Sister Burnette, actually has a REALLY good voice, but the other night she sang a whole new world and sang both the boy and girl parts and added all the instrumentals in the background.  We were laughing so hard.  Anyway... now that I've made myself sound like the biggest loser in the world....
     I can't believe I'm leaving tomorrow! I'm so excited but so sad at the same time.  I'm maybe never going to see some people I've met here ever again!! But I'm excited to get started being a missionary and be in Missouri! I can't wait to talk to you all tomorrow!!!!! I love you all and miss you so much and think about you all the time!!!
Have a great day!!!

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