Monday, July 15, 2013

Arthur, Chicken, and Noodles

     Thank you sooooo much for your emails!!!! I loved reading them!!!! Sorry I'm a little bit late on sending an email today - we spent the afternoon in Arthur which is an Amish town!!! It was pretty cool - I got you guys some stuff so I will send that to you. We went with Sister Christensen, Sister Bode, and Sister Hobson and it was so fun!!! 

We went to like an antique shop and then like a grocery store and then we ate at a restaurant there.  Have you ever had chicken and noodles? I think its like a midwest thing but I had it for the first time today and it was pretty good!!! It's mashed potatoes with gravy and noodles, sounds weird but it's good!!  I wish we could have spent more time there so I would love to go back soon.  Also, I LOVED getting an envelope in the mail every day this week :) It seriously made my week!!! Thank you so much for doing that Erin!!! I have put all of your favorite scriptures in my scriptures and I love having pictures so much!!!  The quotes were all so awesome too. THANK YOU ERIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so last Monday was zone p-day and we just went to a park and played different sports and had a pizza party and just talked and it was really fun!! We have some really fun Elders in our zone!! Then, afterwards, we went to the church and Sister Johnson cut like 10 Elders hair. 

Tuesday we had a lesson with Charlene and I just love her!!!  She has started reading the Book of Mormon and we have just taught her like the restoration and stuff so ya!!! She invited us over for dinner for tonight and she's making her famous vegetable soup haha.  Also, her granddaughter, Megan, was there too and she is kinda interested in learning more too and might be coming to dinner tonight also!! That night we had a lesson with Ananyanee and I seriously LOVE her!!!!! She has been coming to church with her husband for 3 years now and all this time she has had NO IDEA what they are talking about.  

Wednesday we had service at Sweet Designs (the bakery) and it was so fun!!!! We lined cupcake pans and just got to know the lady that owns it and then we got to glaze sugar cookies!!! Cookies look so pretty when they are glazed and I know how to do it now - it's super easy!!! That night we had dinner and a lesson with the Eastons!!!!   They are the family where there son got baptized in February and now they want to learn about the church.  Anyway, they have been reading the Book of Mormon and they believe everything and they tell us like over and over "it's not a matter of IF we get baptized it's just WHEN at this point." AMAZING, AM I RIGHT?????? So the husband is Scott and the wife is Teri and Scott is an FBI agent and coaches basketball.  He's like 6'10" if not taller.  We asked them if they would be baptized and they said they will. 

Thursday we had district meeting and then we had service at the old folks home and we had Bible study and just Marion came again and we taught her how to pray! She didn't feel like she knew how because she always gets distracted so we talked to her about saying her prayers out loud and she said she would try that.  Then, we had a lesson with Ananyanee again!! I LOVE HER!!!!! We literally spent over an hour JUST talking about who Jesus is and what the priesthood is and it's still not completely clear, but she gets the basics!!! Did I mention I LOVE TEACHING HER??? She is so cute and so willing to learn and it's just really cool to see her remember things we talked about from Tuesday and she liked having a list of definitions to refer to. Also, shout out to the achievement day girls!!!! I got their sweet notes on Wednesday and it was so fun to hear from all of them!!! It was seriously so cute. 

Friday Sister Johnson was sick.

Sunday we had ward council, church, and then we visited the Bates and had dinner there.  (Jennifer Taylor's sister). 

So guess what??!!! I finished the Book of Mormon this week!!!! So now I'm starting it again!! Also, I have been reading the "Power of Everyday Missionaries" (thanks, mom) and it is SOOO GOOD!!!!! Like literally I think it should be a required reading for every member of the church.  It is so awesome!!! I only read a little bit a day so I'm only like half way done but it's so good.  

I got your package this week!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! So that towel thing for your head is so awesome - it's like a miracle.  And Alyssa and Braden.... you're adorable... and everyone else looks so good in them too!!!!!!!!! You guys are just soo cauuuttee!!!!! Thanks for sending more pictures - I love getting pictures.  And the envelopes are perfect and just everything was so great - thank you so much!!! OHHH and I got the cami things this week and they are AWESOME, they are just what I need!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

Welp, I think that's about it!!! Once again, thank you so much for your emails and letters, they mean more to me than you know.  I hope you all have an awesome week and a fabulous day.  I miss you SOOOOOO much!!!! Be safe and healthy!!! I LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. I hear you're having dinner with the Christensens on the 23rd??? Are you going to have them swim too because I think her kids really want to!!! I hope you have a great time with them!!! I wish I could be there!!!!!!!!          

From left to right it's Sister Johnson, Sister Hobson, Sister Bode, Me, Sister Christensen.  This is us after lunch in Arthur today!!! 

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