Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy 4th of July!! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Hey Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     So this week was pretty great!!! GORDY GOT BAPTIIIIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for your emails - I love reading them sooo much!! So I will just go through my week!

Last Monday we went with Sister Christensen and got pedicures and it was so fun.  We love hanging out with her and it's fun because she likes being with us too!! We also found this really yummy taco place right next door to where we got pedicures and I think we are going to go there every p day now!

Tuesday was my 6 MONTH MARK!!!! It's so crazy to me that I've been out for 6 months! 
Wednesday we got to meet out new mission president!!!!! Him, his wife, and their daughter who is a senior in high school this year all came.  I LOVE THEM!!!! They are seriously so cute.  President Morgan owns Morgan Asphalt in Utah and his wife is so adorable and their daughter is super cute also and plays tennis! I'm so excited to have them.  Sis. Morgan is so excited to have sisters and it was just really great to be able to meet them!! That night we had a lesson with Gordy and it went really well! Then we had dinner at the Bednars.  They are such a cute family.  You can tell they teach their kids so well about the gospel.  They are having a Bednar family reunion in North Carolina this week (Elder Bednar will be there) so if you wanted to plan a last minute vacation -  that's the place to go!! Haha SIs. Bednar said that the first year they went there, she wasn't sure how to dress for the beach but then there was Elder Bednar in his swim suit.  But anyway, every night at their family reunion, they have a gospel discussion around the fire.  Wouldn't that be so cool to just sit around a fire for a week and ask any question you have to Elder Bednar??

 Thursday was the 4th of July!!!!! We had a 'normal day' until 4 and then from 4-10:30 we got to have a pday!! Yep we got an exctended curfew haha.  But basically the whole day felt like a pday anyway!!!! Here's basically how our day went:
10:30 - district meeting
12:00 - ward BBQ
1:30 - we were invited to a BBQ of a less active in our ward
3:00 - we were invited to go to a petting zoo with some members and went with our zone leaders
4:00 - PDAY!!!
So as you can see our day was pretty great!! There was another ward BBQ at 6 at the bishops house that they do every year because you can see the fireworks from his back yard really well.  So we did that!! Riley Bode and Adrian Shaumann are a couple of miamaids that we have become really good friends with and they hung out with us for the majority of the night at the bishops! Then we got to do some sparklers and I love sparklers!!! And then... hahaha by 9:30 (our normal curfew) we were sooo tired so we went home anyway!! Yep we were losers!!! But we were just so tired!!! 

Saturday was Gordy's baptism!!!! Everything went so perfectly.  It was a really great baptism!!! I am so happy for him and I am so glad that I got to teach him.  It was just so cool to see him progress and then get baptized and knowing that he made the choice all on his own.  The spirit was so strong there!!! Saturday morning we had a lesson with one of our new investigators.  She is 65 and lives alone and her husband died a few years ago.  She had been Catholic all her life but disagrees with it now and is really interested in learning more!!! She is such a sweetheart and she said I look just like her granddaughter haha.  Also, she's friends with Jim (another person we are teaching).  Jim lives in our apartment complex and is old and always sits on his picnic table all day long and we talk to him and always wave at him.  Haha he told us that if he were younger he would ask us out and that we were as pretty as the devil hahahaha.  

Bro. Kline is from Colorado and met his wife who is from Thailand online.  Anyway, she made us Thai food which was soo good and now we are going to start teaching her because she isn't a member!!! It's kinda hard to communicate with her because she doesn't speak super great english and doesn't understand it all the time but we will see!!!! After dinner, we visited a less active member, and she was so funny though and all we did was invite her to church and then guess what??? Yesterday.... SHE CAME!!!!! It still blows my mind how a simple invite does the trick sometimes. 

Yesterday we had church and then we had a dinner with the Whitmers, Sarah and Gordy, and Sarah's family.  It was so fun!! Sis. Christensen taught the lesson in Relief Society and had Sis. Johnson and I come up and talk about how we can overcome fears of being missionaries and I shared some stuff from the book you sent me Mom!!! Sis. Christensen wants to read it now.  

Okay, anyway, I think that is all now!!!!  It sounds like Park City was so much fun!!!! I laughed so hard picturing Alyssa run over the squirrel and then Braden seeing it after that!!! It's funny just cause you are all alone when you are going down the slides and no one is even there to watch it happen.  But that was so hilarious!!!! I hope you all have an awesome week and a fabulous day and are SAFE AND HEALTHY!!!!!!! I miss you like crazy and I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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